5 Reasons To Install Vinyl Siding On Your Home


The key to helping make your property as attractive and durable as possible will rest in the materials you use on the exterior of it.  One material you may want to put in place is vinyl siding because of the many advantages of doing so. Knowing some of the top reasons to use this item may be the motivation you need to start! Reason #1: Attractive appearance One of the top reasons use vinyl siding is because of the visual appeal it adds to your property.

14 May 2018

Ice Dam Prevention


When you live in a cold region where you will have to deal with things like the possibility of ice dams on your roof, it is important for you to become educated on the things that you can do to prevent them. The information here can prove to be very helpful when it comes to preventing ice dams. Understanding ice dams on the roof – Ice dams can occur on your roof when there is a good amount of snow that ends up melting over heated areas that can cause the surface of the roof to be warmer than the freezing outside temperature.

1 May 2018

3 Things to Know About Replacing Your Roof


If your roof is reaching the end of its life, you are going to need to have a new roof installed. When you have a new roof installed, you can choose to do an overlay or a teardown. You can also choose to change the roofing material on your home and the look of your roof when you have it replaced. The cost and ability to fix your roof may vary greatly based on the time of year.

17 April 2018

Is Your Metal Roof Getting Old? Why Apply A Protective Sealant To The Surface


Is your home's metal roof aging, yet you do not have the cash on hand to replace the material? If so, you could extend the life of your metal roof a bit longer by using a protective sealant. This can provide many benefits to metal roofing that you may not be aware of. Sealants Protect Metal From Outdoor Weather Your roof protects your home from the outdoor weather, but your roofing material can also use additional protection for itself.

4 April 2018

How To Replace Rotten Roof Decking


If you notice roofs leaks, check the roof decking. The wooden roof decking under the shingles prevents water from entering the home. Rotted roof decking should not be ignored because it could eventually lead to mold and further structural damage.  Anyone with some basic DIY skills should be able to repair it without professional help. Fix the rotted roof deck boards by following these tips. Prepare to Fix the Deck Boards

24 March 2018

4 Tips For Avoiding Extreme Storm Damage


The last thing you may want to deal with is issues at your home. However, there is always a possibility of severe storms in any area. The good news is that you can make significant home improvements that can minimize or reduce the potential for damage to your property. Being aware of tips to make this possible is sure to be beneficial to any homeowner. Tip #1: Inspect your roof

7 March 2018

3 Great Applications Of Spray Foam Roofing


If you don't keep a constant eye on your roof, particularly if it is flat, you could run into problems with leaking through your roof deck. Flat roofs are extremely vulnerable to water leaking because standing water can deteriorate your roofing material, adhesive, or fasteners and eventually let water into your roof deck. So, as a homeowner, if you don't keep an eye on the outside of your roof, you might not know that there's a problem until you start to have water leaking into your house.

2 March 2018

How To Prevent Ice Related Roof Damage


Have you noticed those large icicles hanging off your roof? While they may look pretty, they are actually an indication that your roof could be damaged from that ice. It will help to know how to prevent all the ice related roof damage from happening. Clean The Gutters When the leaves fell down from the trees last fall, chances are a lot of them wound up in the gutters of your home.

23 February 2018

Three Reasons To Regularly Clean Your Roof


Your roof provides a practical function to your home and protects it from weather conditions and the elements, but it also represents a massive portion of your home's exterior design and carries a great deal of aesthetic weight with it. Roof cleaning is an important part of maintaining both of these functions: knowing why roof cleaning is so important can help you understand why you should make it a part of your home maintenance schedule.

8 February 2018

3 Strategies For Roof Replacement And Care


When you need some assistance with your roof, you'll need to get an understanding of what you're dealing with and how you can get professional service. By taking the time to replace a roof, it'll hold up and you won't have to deal with roof leaks and other such problems. Make sure that you utilize the tips below so that you can find the help of a roofer that will be glad to take things further.

27 January 2018