Things To Watch For That Could Make Your Shingles Fail Early


You've probably heard horror stories about shingles that fail just a few years after installation and the fight homeowners have had to go through to get compensation from the manufacturer. However, if your new shingles are starting to show signs of wear, it might not be the manufacturer's fault. These situations are known to cause premature failure all on their own. Sagging Joists Even if your roof is nearly new and installed perfectly, it can still fail if the roof structure is failing.

3 May 2016

Choose A Better Asphalt Roof By Looking For These Shingle Features


Asphalt shingle roofs sometimes get a bad rap. They're known for having a shorter life expectancy than other materials like metal and slate, and those who favor green living sometimes look down on them because they're not made with natural materials. However, modern asphalt shingles have more going for them than these naysayers suggest. They are an affordable choice, they are fire-resistant, and they're easy to find. In fact, today's asphalt shingles come with a host of features that allow them to compete with other materials like metal and slate.

22 January 2016