Find Out 3 Silent Signs You Need To Hire Certified Roofers To Repair Your Defective Roof


A well-maintained residential roof should cover the house and protect it from water, wind, sunshine, and other sources of environmental damage. Proper installation and maintenance ensure that your roof lasts and serves you for many years. By the time the shingles of the residential property are curling or you start noticing granules in the gutters, the level of damage is usually costly to repair.

If you want your roof to last for many years and save you on repair costs, learn to watch for the subtle signs of damage. Here are three hidden signs of a failing residential roof that should get repaired by a roofer.

When the Plumbing Vent Covers of Your Property Are Defective

Your house has vents in the kitchen and bathroom. They bring fresh air into the plumbing system and keep foul odors out of the house. Roofers fit the vent with a boot or cover at the place where it meets the roof. The metallic or plastic boot seals the roof around the pipe to protect it from water damage.

If you see any cracks, rust, and broken seams on the boot, there is a possibility that water is working its way into your house when it rains. It is advisable to call a roof repair professional to assess how much damage the broken seams have caused and repair it.

When Nails Inside The Attic Are Frosted

Another subtle sign of roof damage in progress is shiners or nails that miss their frames during installation. They are more noticeable when you inspect your attic at night. Moisture running away from the property's cold spaces below to the attic causes condensation, covering the nails with frost. They are hard to notice during the day because when the temperature rises, the ice melts.

A roofing expert will inspect the attic for possible insulation problems and recommend the necessary repairs to prevent further damage.

When the Soffits Are Dirty or Clogged

Soffit vents are a critical part of the attic insulation and roof ventilation system. They bring in air from outside and create a positive airflow that moves the warm air out of the attic of your property.

When you have clear soffits, your attic will not have moisture buildup that can cause damage. However, when they are blocked, moisture might accumulate and cause mold growth. When you identify this problem, it is advisable to call in an experienced roofer for repairs.

A professional in roof repair can identify these hidden signs and recommend the best way to prevent further damage. Call a competent one once you notice the signs of weakness for timely repairs. Experienced roofers will help restore the roof, increase its lifespan, and bring back your home's curb appeal.


29 January 2021

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