3 Ways Clogged Gutters Damage Your Roof And Lead To The Need For Preventable Roof Repairs


Your roof can be damaged by a number of things, and some of them are preventable. For instance, clogged gutters can lead to roof problems, including a leaky roof. These roof repairs are preventable by cleaning your gutters or by having gutter covers installed. Here are three ways clogged gutters can harm your roof and the roof repairs that could be needed.

1. Clogs Can Lead To Roof Leaks

When a gutter trough is packed full of tree debris and wet leaves, the clog acts like a dam that stops the flow of water. This causes water to back up against your roof. If there are any tiny gaps along the edge of your roof or holes and cracks in shingles, water will leak through and drip into the attic.

When this happens, you'll need to have roof repairs done to stop the leak, but you'll also need to unclog your gutters so the problem doesn't return.

2. Moisture Causes Boards To Rot

If your gutters are clogged a long time, and water keeps backing up against the roof, the deck of your roof and the fascia boards might begin to rot due to the excess moisture. If the rot causes holes to develop, the risk of a roof leak increases even more.

Once rot sets in, roof repairs become more extensive. The roofer might have to replace part of the deck or replace fascia boards. A rotted fascia board can attract pests to your roof. Insects might invade them and that could lead to birds pecking at the wood to get the bugs.

Rats and raccoons might also gnaw on rotted roofing, since rotted wood is easier to chew through. Repairing rotted parts of your roof is important because if you don't the problems associated with the rot could get worse.

3. Moisture Leads To Mold And Algae

Another problem with moisture on your roof is that it leads to mold. The water that drips inside the attic can cause the attic to grow mold. When water is backed up under the shingles, the deck can get moldy.

Moss is even worse since it damages shingles. Moss likes to grow in damp areas, and it holds moisture against the roof and escalates problems with mold and shingle damage. If the moss spreads, the roofer might need to replace part of the deck and several shingles.

These problems with your roof lead to the need for roof repairs that might have been preventable. If you have a hard time keeping your gutters cleaned out because you have a lot of trees on your property, consider having gutter covers put on so your roof is protected from gutter clogs.

If you're worried that your clogged gutters are causing damage to your home, talk to a roof repair service today.


17 November 2020

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