All About Commercial Roofing Problems Leading To Leaks


No matter what you use your commercial building for, it is going to be important for you to preserve it as best you are able to. You are going to want to have your roof checked before winter to make sure it can stand up to harsher and wetter weather. But, no matter how diligent you are with its upkeep, there is always the risk of leaks developing, and this can be a huge problem for your business. Read more about commercial roofing leaks below. 

How leaks can happen

Even after a proper inspection, there are things that can happen which lead to leaks. Tree branches falling or scratching on the roof, strong-force winds, an undetected weak spot, the weight from a large snowstorm, poor drainage, no drainage, gaps or cracks around things like HVAC units or skylights, compromised flashing, or a strong impact from any source.

How leaks can be detected

Do not feel too safe simply because there was a recent inspection because all this tells you is that the day it was done, no damage was found. However, any of the things above could have happened afterward with the results being current leaks that will now be a problem. Leaks can be detected by stains on the ceiling or tops of the walls, a musty odor, visible mold that can look like anything from black spots to green fuzz on the walls or other surfaces, drips from the ceiling or top of the walls, mysterious wet floors, or water on your equipment or other materials in your commercial building.

What to do immediately

The moment you find leaks, you want to act fast to minimize the damage. This will be the first thing you need to do, even before you make a call to a roofer. Drips can be caught in buckets and at-risk equipment or supplies should be relocated to a dry area. Wet areas should be dried completely, too. Once you have dealt with the immediate emergency, then you want to place a call to a roofer. If the problem is minor, then it can likely wait until regular business hours. However, if you are dealing with a good leak, then it may be necessary for you to call a roofer for an emergency repair. Also, if mold is an issue, then the area needs to be blocked off so no one can access it. 


13 November 2019

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