Commercial Roofing Needs For New Tenants


New office space is an exciting time in any company's history. Whether it's a new business that's just starting or an established business just in need of a new space, it opens new opportunities and new business to everyone.

It's easy to get carried away with the space inside. How many desks will you need, what color to paint the meeting rooms, installing a new high-speed Internet connection, etc., but there are more practical things you should think about. When moving into a new office space, there are quite a few things you should consider on the roof alone.

The First Question

Can you get access to the roof? This will answer many other questions for you or possibly raise some new ones. It's important to know who can get to the roof and how. It would be a good idea to ask a roofer to join you to ensure all the right questions are asked.

Rain is a Pain

It makes the day dull, but it also can cause damage which leads to leaks. It also acts as a glue for dust and dirt to stick to windows.

What a new tenant needs to know here is who is responsible for leaks? And if it's a shared floor with another company, how then are repairs handled? You don't want a heavy bill if it can be shared or if it's supported by the building owner.

When it comes to cleaning, are you able to support window cleaners with a crane from above? Is the roof able to support loads on it? These are useful things to know before signing a contract for a new space.

Green with Envy

Have you always admired the office across the street with the rooftop garden, with the lovely mossy grass and trees around the edges? Or do you like the solar panels which are helping to lower their energy bills and help save the environment?

This isn't just someone with green fingers rolling down some turf. The moss is actually specialized for growing on rooftops. The green space looks nice and makes a lovely garden area for staff. Both the panels and green roof are good for the environment, and some places even get tax breaks for cutting their carbon footprint.

If these are things you'd like your new office to have, make sure to check that the building landlords are happy for you to make your roof green and that the roof is designed in a way to support these types of green items as it's not possible on all roofs.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor like Christianson Roofing Inc for more information.


27 September 2018

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