Importance Of Roofing Underlay


Roofing felt is typically synthetic (fiberglass) or organic (cloth fibers soaked in asphalt) felt on which asphalt shingles are installed. The underlayment serves several useful purposes:

It Improves Roof Aesthetics

An often-missed advantage of a roofing underlay is the contribution it makes to your curb appeal. Imagine two types of roofs, one with an uneven surface (bumps and undulations) and another one that lies flush on top of the house. Which of these roofs do you think is aesthetically pleasing? Most people will consider the second roof more beautiful. A roofing underlay helps you get such a roof because it provides a perfectly flat surface upon which the shingles are installed, thereby ensuring that the shingles are even if the supporting roof framing is uneven. Even if you don't care for roof aesthetics, you should strive for such a roof for the sake of your home's resale value if you ever decide to sell it.

Prevents Water Damage

Another great advantage of a roof underlay is that it protects the roof from moisture damage and also prevents roof leaks from damaging your roof's interiors. A serious storm can drive water under your shingles, and such water may be able to penetrate into your house if there is no roof underlay. The underlay helps the water to drain off the roof without causing serious damage. It will even prevent melted ice or snow from damaging the roof.

It Acts As a Backup Roof Layer

Another benefit of a roof underlay is that it acts as a backup protection to roof structures and even your house's interior if the roof gets damaged. For example, if a tree branch falls on your roof and damages it, the roofing felt will still be there to protect the house from weather damage. Without this additional layer of protection, any damage to the shingles would leave your roof vulnerable to weather damage.

It Improves Fire Protection

Lastly, a good roofing underlay will also protect your house from fire damage. In fact, roof underlay installation is often a code requirement for buildings to achieve a suitable fire rating. Note that different types of underlay have different fire protection capabilities. Talk to your roof contractor to help you choose the best underlay for maximum fire protection.

As you can see, the underlay is an important part of your overall roofing setup. Therefore, you should ensure the right felt is used on your roof and get your roof repaired as soon as possible if it is damaged to the extent that the felt has been affected. Contact roof installation services near you today to learn more.


10 September 2018

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