A Built-Up Roof Could Be The Ideal Choice In New Roofing For Your Home


Flat roofing is much different than the shingle roofing you see on homes with steep roofs. Shingles are effective on roofs with a pitch since water rolls down the shingles and doesn't pool on the roof. Shingles won't work on a flat roof since the rain would pool and seep underneath the shingles to cause roof damage. Instead of shingles, other types of roofing are used such as the built-up roof. Built-up roofing, also called BUR or tar and gravel roofing, has been used for many decades and is still a common choice for flat roofs. Here's how BUR roofing is installed and why it's a good choice for residential roofing.

How Built-Up Roofing Is Installed

There are variations in the installation method, but they all follow the same basic style of building the roof in layers. A base sheet and layers of felt or other waterproof fabric are alternated with the application of hot tar or other waterproofing material. The roof is built up in layers to create seamless coverage for your roof. Even if water collects on the roof during a heavy rain, it won't penetrate the multiple layers of waterproof fabric and tar.

The final layer on a BUR roof is gravel or river rocks. The rocks form a shield of protection for the roof. They block UV rays, and they can even reflect the sun to reduce solar warming of your home. The layer of rocks adds fire protection to your home, and the rocks protect the roof from damage when contractors access your roof.

Reasons A Built-Up Roof Is Ideal For Residential Use

This type of roofing is one of the more affordable options for flat roofs. This makes it a good choice when your budget is a primary concern. The roof is attractive, too. This could be important if your home has multiple levels and a window looks out on the roof below. The gravel or river rocks are more attractive than traditional roofing materials.

Also, if you climb out on the roof to stargaze, you won't have to worry about causing damage since the layer of gravel protects the roofing material under it. Built-up roofing usually has a long life, so it's a good investment for your home while offering protection from rain, fire, and the sun.

If you've never had to put a new flat roof on a home, you should look at all the options available. While built-up roofing was once about the only option available, there are other choices in flat roofing to consider that are less messy to install. Talk to a roofing contractor about your options and discuss the various prices to find out if a built-up roof is right for your home.

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15 August 2018

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