3 Great Applications Of Spray Foam Roofing


If you don't keep a constant eye on your roof, particularly if it is flat, you could run into problems with leaking through your roof deck. Flat roofs are extremely vulnerable to water leaking because standing water can deteriorate your roofing material, adhesive, or fasteners and eventually let water into your roof deck. So, as a homeowner, if you don't keep an eye on the outside of your roof, you might not know that there's a problem until you start to have water leaking into your house. One of the best solutions, particularly for flat roofs, is spray foam. This article explains how roofing contractors can apply spray foam in a variety of ways to seal your roof and keep it waterproof.

Repairing Your Roof With Spray Foam

Spray foam can work great as a repair method. Professional roofers will often remove a section of your roofing material, find the leak, fix it, and then coat the entire deck with spray foam. Once this is done, your roof deck will be waterproof, and the old roofing material can be installed back on top of it. Traditional installation methods can be used because the foam is thin and won't affect installation method.

Adding Insulation to Your Roof Deck

Spray foam is also great if you are installing a new roof and want to add some insulation and a waterproof layer to your entire roof. Professionals will apply spray foam as the underlayment, which is a reliable insulator and water barrier. Then, the roofing material, whether it is wooden shingles, clay tiles, natural stone, or a synthetic product, can be installed directly on top of the foam.

Using Foam as the Visible Roofing Material

It is also common for spray foam to be installed as the actual roofing material. That is, it can be applied to flat roofs, creating a perfectly waterproof and solid-colored finish. This is popular for people who don't really care how their flat roof looks. Spray foam is safe to walk on, even when is wet. It can withstand water, and it can be easily painted if desired. Most spray foam will be white when it is originally applied, but many homeowners will add color to it.

There are obviously a lot of great reasons and uses for spray foam is when it comes to roofing. It is an eco-friendly, affordable, durable, and reliable product for homes in any climate. For more information, contact a business such as Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc.


2 March 2018

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