These Pests Will Wreak Havoc On Your Roof


Many homeowners are not aware that pests can cause damage to their roofs. Perhaps you have never considered the costly damages they can cause either. This is why routine roof inspections and maintenance are ideal. Many homeowners do not notice that they have damages until something such as a roof leak happens. This can mean that a significant amount of damages are present due to neglect. The following points will help educate you about a few pests that can wreak havoc on roofs:


These pests can cause major roofing problems. This is because they gnaw and pierce through roof materials to gain access to homes. The piercings they make can result in moisture intrusion, which can damage roofs. They can also attract other squirrels to your home resulting in an infestation that has to be exterminated by professionals. Squirrels can access your roof if you have low-hanging limbs. They may also leave their scent on your gutters. This is why gutter cleaning should be an important aspect of roof maintenance. 

Carpenter Ants

These insects make tunnels in wood to create the perfect habitat. This makes some types of roof decking the perfect place for them to choose to live. They do not eat wood, but they create intricate tunnels in it. The result, if not taken care of in a timely manner, is wood that appears to be rotting. Your home's roof needs to stable roof decking to ensure its structural integrity. The use of insecticides can keep them at bay, but it is important to keep in mind that they can also gain access to homes via wires and cords that lead to your home.


Most people know that termites eat wood. They also make their habitats in wood. Their colonies can wreak havoc in a short amount of time. Sometimes they choose attics as their habitat, which means they may go undetected by homeowners. However, they can and will still wreak havoc if they are not exterminated. 

Roofing contractors are excellent resources to use to determine whether you have existing roof damage that has been caused by pests. There may be pests that are indigenous to your area. These contractors will know in advance that they are a local problem and be able to spot signs of a potential infestation. Roofing repairs and replacements are best left to professionals due to the possible injuries untrained homeowners could incur such as a slip and fall. 

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6 December 2017

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