Let's Deck The Halls! How To Protect Your Roof When Installing Holiday Decorations


Now that the decorations have popped up in the stores, you're probably getting ready to start decorating your house. If you're going to be decorating your roof with lots of twinkling lights, you'll need to take some safety precautions. Decorating your roof can be a dangerous venture; not just for you, but also for your roof too. If you're not careful, you could fall off the roof while you're setting up the decorations. Not only that, but if you don't install your decorations properly, you could end up with some serious damage to your roof and your house. Here are three safety precautions you should take to protect your roof from damage caused by holiday decorations.

Avoid Using Nails and Tacks

It may seem safe to use nails and tacks to fasten your holiday decorations to your roof. After all, roofing nails were used to install your roof in the first place. Unfortunately, that line of thinking will lead to some serious roof damage. Not to mention some unpleasant leaks when it starts to rain. To avoid damaging your roof, and causing leaks, never use nails or tacks to fasten your decorations to the roof. If you're going to be hanging lights, use light clips to safely attach them to your gutters, or to the eaves.

Keep the Power Strips Within Reach

When you're done installing the lights and the inflatable decorations on your roof, you'll need to plug them in. You might think that the best place for your power strips would be up on the roof. However, that's definitely not where the power strips should be left. If they're on the roof, or fastened up under the eaves, you won't be able to monitor them for problems, such as overheating. The end result could be a roof fire. Prevent hazardous conditions by keeping your power strips safely on the ground, preferably on your porch.

Spend Some Time Multi-Tasking

If you haven't inspected your roof in a while, spend some time multi-tasking while you're hanging your decorations. As your hanging your decorations take a close look at your roof. The first thing you should do is check your shingles for damage such as tears, holes or cracks. However, you should also inspect your metal flashing, and the seams around your rooftop plumbing vents. If you see signs of visible damage, or you find areas that appear weak under your feet, stop decorating, and call your roofing company. They'll need to repair the damage before you continue with your decorations.

For more information on roof repairs, contact a local business.


15 November 2017

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