Tips For Installing A Metal Roof Over Your Garage's Existing Asphalt Shingles


If you have a detached garage with an asphalt shingle roof that is at the end of its useful life, then you should consider installing a metal roof right over the top of it. Metal roofing materials offer many advantages, including:

  • multi-decade warranties
  • resistance to damage from storms or hail
  • color-fast materials that won't fade

Additionally, as the cost of petroleum-based materials has risen, metal roofing panels have become a financially competitive option.

Since metal roofing panels are light-weight, they can be installed on top of your garage's existing asphalt shingles as long as the building code in your area permits it.

If you have never installed metal roofing materials over asphalt shingles, then these tips will make your job a lot easier and ensure the resulting job looks professional:

Tip: Never Handle Metal Roofing Materials with Bare Hands

Since metal roofing materials are sharp on the edges and can inflict some nasty cuts, you need to always wear leather gloves while handling it. To prevent cuts to your legs and arms, always wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt while working with the metal.

Tip: Understand that the Roof's Attachment Screws Will be Visible from the Ground

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when installing metal roofing materials is to ignore the fact that you can see the attachment screws while standing on the ground. This means you need to be very careful and space out the screws in a methodical pattern so they look professionally installed to people viewing your home from ground level.

Tip: Put Down a Vapor Barrier Between Your Garage's Existing Roof and the New Metal Panels

Since metal roofing panels will form water condensation under them during cold or humid weather, you must install them on a vapor barrier. If you do not install a vapor barrier between the asphalt shingles and the new metal roof, then mold and mildew can grow on the old asphalt roof.

Tip: Use Pressure-Treated Wood if You Need to Use Wood Strips to Install Your Metal Panels

Finally, if you are installing metal roofing panels or shingles that require they be installed on wood strips that are attached to your existing roof, then make sure you use pressure-treated wood. If you don't use pressure-treated wood, then when the wood gets damp it will warp and can damage your roof. Additionally, moist wood will rot and can be an attractant for termites and other pests.

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16 October 2017

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