Common Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Shingle Roof


Shingle roofs are attractive and tend to last a long time. But like anything else in a house, a shingle roof will eventually need to be replaced. One of the keys to preventing interior damage to your house from leaks or other roofing issues, is to know when it is time to replace your shingle roof. Some of the most common signs that a shingle roof needs to be replaced include:

Curling Shingles

Over time, shingles will begin to curl due to age and their constant exposure to heat and the sun's rays. Once your shingles begin to curl, you will have to begin to worry about additional damage from strong winds, as curling shingles are very prone to wind uplift. Another concern with curling shingles is the fact that they are very susceptible to ice damage in the winter. If you notice that large sections of your roof have curling shingles, your best bet is to begin getting quotes to find the best bid for a new shingle roof.

Bare Spots and Lack of Granules

Roof shingles typically are covered in granules that strengthen the shingle and make it last longer. When a section of roofing is bare and missing granules on the shingles or the entire roof has minimal granules left, that is often a sign that the shingles are near the end of their lifespan. It is never a good thing to ignore missing granules and signs that the shingles on your roof are weakening-- doing so can lead to leaks and other significant damage to your home.

Missing or Broken Shingles

While a roof is made up of many shingles, just a few missing or broken shingles can cause huge problems. Any area of the roof that is missing a shingle or is only partly covered by a shingle is a weak point in the roof. Water won't exit the roof properly in these areas, which can lead to mold/mildew growth, attic leaks that damage the roofing structure, or interior leaks through the ceiling. Depending on how many shingles are missing or broken, replacing the roof may be your best option.

Buckled Shingles

As shingles age, they tend to buckle and shift position. Buckling shingles often have a vertical pattern that moves up the slope of a roof. Once numerous shingles on a roof begin buckling, repair is usually not an option. If you see numerous rows of buckling shingles, you will most likely need to have the shingles on your roof replaced.

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24 September 2017

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