2 Things You Can Do to Check Your Roof for Hail Damage


While you may not think about hail all that much, it can do a lot of damage. There are specifics when it comes to hail. That can include what size a piece of material has to be before it's considered to be hail as well as how fast hail can come down and hit your roof.

For example, to be called hail, the piece has to be .2 inches in diameter. It also doesn't take a very large piece of hail to start damaging your roof. The damage can start being seen with pieces as small at 3/4 of an inch. The most surprising one is that hail can come down at speeds at over 100mph. That means when it hits your roof, it's going pretty fast, and it can cause damage.

So, how can you assess your roof to see if there has been damage done to it by hail?

Look for Water Damage

Before you get up on your roof to start climbing around on it, you want to look at the inside of your house. Look around at your attic to see if you see anything that could look like water damage. You are looking for things like discoloration on the underside of the wood sheathing or discoloration on your insulation. You will also want to look around at the ceilings, especially where the walls meet them and where you have outlets and fixtures. 

Check for Shingles

Something else you can do before you climb up on your roof is to look around your yard to see if you have any fallen shingles laying around. If there are shingles around, remember that they may not necessarily yours, especially if there was a lot of wind. Shingles may have been blown around and ended up on your property.

If you can, sort them out into different piles, depending on what kind of shingles you see. It may not be possible to do, but if you can, it may give you a good idea as to how many shingles you may be missing on your roof. That may save you from having to go climb up on your roof. 

If you have had a serious storm with hail that has just come through your neighborhood, you are going to have to make sure that your roof is okay. To do that, there are things you can do that will help you figure it out. If you need further assistance, contact local hail damage roof repair services.


29 August 2017

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