4 Aspects of Home Exterior You Can Update During Your Next Home Renovation


Whether you're trying to sell a home or simply update it for your personal use, curb appeal matters greatly. It is the first thing that guests or buyers will see when they come up to the property or see photos of it. It's the part of your home that the largest number of people will see, from passersby to mailmen to neighbors. It can give you more pride in your home when the facade is taken care of.

Here are some of the elements of exterior work that can probably use some attention in your home renovation.


You're in luck if you spend money on your roof to improve your exterior; roofing maintenance is a key part of protecting your home's value in addition to making it look better. Efficient roofing saves homeowners money by blocking out the elements and helping them retain heat indoors for longer. It can also be a safeguard against rainwater leaks and potential ceiling collapses.

Ask local roofing companies like Premier Tri-state Roofing Inc for an estimate; your roofing fix may be just a matter of replacing a few worn tiles, or it may require entire sections to be patched or replaced if the roof hasn't been maintained in a while. Replacing roofing materials with a higher quality material, such as slate roofing tiles, might be a better choice for longevity.


Siding may just need to be scrubbed down. But if you have a significant amount of chipping, a refinishing job could do the trick. You might also cover older siding with bricks or hard panel for a more modern take on your home.


Windows are a good investment because they factor into the interior and exterior of your home. They are a critical part of your insulation, since a lot of heated air escapes through improperly insulated and sealed windows. And the quality of window glass directly translates into the quality of your home security, since windows are often seen by intruders as the weakest leak in terms of break-in options.

Garage Door

And finally, it might be a good time to address your garage door. A modern garage door sends a great message to anyone who may pull up to your property. When you're left with an old, steel door, it makes the property look dated. Replace it with an insulated vinyl door that has a smooth garage door opener, and people can tell that you've put thought and money into keeping your home in good shape.


13 July 2017

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