What to Do With That Old Metal Roofing You're Having Replaced


Now that you've decided to have a new metal roof installed, you have to figure out what to do with all the old stuff that's on your home right now. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to reuse your old metal roofing so it doesn't end up sitting around on your property like an eye sore. Here are a few fun ways to reuse that old metal roofing once it's taken off your house:

Create Fencing

A great way to separate areas of your yard for things like pets and play areas for the kids is to create some border fencing with your old metal roof. Start by painting each piece of roof green to match the grass and foliage in your yard. You don't have to worry about patching holes or cracks, as the roof won't be used for water protection. The paint should provide a nice aesthetic surface to work with. If you'd like, you can use stencils to paint flowers and wildlife on the roofing for added depth.

Then, install wooden posts every two to four feet along the lines where you want your new fence to be. You can then simply staple or nail the painted and dried roofing to the posts to keep them in place. It's a good idea to line the bottom of your new fencing with large rocks just to give it a little more support and ensure that it holds up well to high winds and other extreme weather conditions.

Build a Garden

Why not use your old metal roofing to build a raised garden in your yard? The process of building raised metal garden beds is similar to creating metal fencing – you paint your old roof panels, let them dry, then attach them to wooden posts that have been driven into the ground. But you'll want to make small plots that are easy to access and work with, so you should install your wooden posts about a foot apart, making a rectangular shape of about four by eight feet. After the wooden posts and metal roofing has been installed, you should be left with large boxes that can be filled with compost and gardening soil, then planted with your favorite fruit and vegetable seeds.

Establish Protected Outdoor Living Space

Another great way to utilize your old metal roofing is to give it new life and then install it in the backyard over a patio or patch of gravel to create a protected outdoor living space. All you need is some kind of frame to install the roofing on. If one isn't already in place, consider buying a prefabricated gazebo to install it on, or build your own basic frame using lumber from the hardware store.

You'll want to patch any holes or cracks in the roofing before painting it, as it will need to provide protection from the rain. You can use silicone putty or caulking to get the job done. Once you've patched all the holes, use sandpaper to smooth the surface. Then, you can paint the roof a color that will help enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space. Choose your color carefully, as it will likely have an emotional and mental impact on anyone who is exposed to your new outdoor roofing. Consider these options:

  • Red – Encourage excitement and maintain high energy levels.

  • Blue – Create a calm atmosphere where everyone can relax.

  • Yellow – Invoke joy and happiness among those spending time in the space.

Paint both sides of your metal roofing to make sure that no areas that have been repaired with sealant or sanded can be seen. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Acoma Roofing, Inc.


26 June 2017

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