Four Signs You Need To Call A Roofer


If you know how to use a hammer and feel comfortable climbing onto a roof, then you might be able to do some basic roof repairs, like nailing down a loose shingle, by yourself. However, roofers do spend plenty of time learning the intricacies of roof repair and replacement, and they have skills and expertise that the average homeowner--even a handy one--does not typically possess. There are definitely some instances when calling a professional roofer is your best choice. Here's a look.

Your flashing is damaged.

The flashing is the metal sheeting around your chimney and vents. If this material becomes damaged, it can lead to extensive leaks. Water will slowly ease its way behind the flashing and then under the shingles, leading to large spots of moisture on your attic ceiling. Replacing damaged flashing is no minor task since you must first remove all of the shingles that overlay the flashing. If this is not done properly, your new flashing will be as leaky as the old, so it's best to hire a roofer to ensure it's done properly the first time.

Your roof appears to be sagging.

If the roof appears to be sagging or indented, this is a sign that the wooden decking that underlays your shingles is beginning to rot away. Replacing the decking is a major endeavor. The shingles will have to be stripped away, the damage assessed, and the affected boards replaced. A roofing company will make sure this is done effectively, so there's no risk of the roof caving in or of the new decking suffering the same fate.

Your roof is very steep.

If your roof is so steep that you cannot walk on it safely, you should leave any and all repairs to a roofing company. They will have to use devices called roof jacks to create scaffolding on the roof. It's very important that this is done properly. Otherwise, they may slip and fall off the roof. Installing roof jacks and the associated scaffolding is dangerous in and of itself, and it's not generally worth your while to buy these devices to make a simple repair. It's far less expensive and safer to just hire a qualified roofing team.

You have a tile roof.

If your roof is made from concrete or clay tiles, then you'd best not attempt repairs on your own. Roofing experts wear special shoes and must step very carefully on the tiles to avoid breaking others when making a repair. This is a skill that develops with practice and not one you can count on developing in time to make your own repairs.

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14 June 2017

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