Why Are Your Shingles Starting To Curl?


When you look up onto your roof, the shingles should appear flat and flush with each other and with the roof's underlying structure. If the shingles appear to be curling up at the edges, this is not a good sign. Something is not right with your roof, and it's important to address the issue before you end up with leaks and missing shingles. Here's a look at the most common reasons why shingles start to curl.

A lack of attic ventilation

Your attic should be properly ventilated so that when hot air builds up in the attic, it escapes through the vents and not through the roof. There should be both intake vents, which bring in cool air, and outtake vents, which allow hot air to flow outward. If your roof vents are blocked or your roofer did not install enough of them, then heat ends up seeping through your shingles. They're not made to withstand this heat, so it causes them to curl up.

Check your attic to ensure insulation or stored goods are not blocking any of your vents. If the attic feels hot and stuffy and all of the vents are uncovered, contact your roofing company; they can install additional vents and replace the already-damaged shingles.

Ice dams

Are the shingles that are peeling located primarily along the edge of the roof? Do you remember seeing big piles of ice at the edge of the roof last winter? Chances are, these ice dams (the big ice piles) worked their way under the edges of the shingles, prying them from the roof's surface.

The only way to fix the damaged shingles now is to replace them. However, you'll also want to take steps to keep ice dams from forming again so your shingles don't just start peeling again next spring. Add some more insulation to your attic, and get into the habit of raking snow off your roof as it builds up.

Defective shingles

If your attic is well insulated and well ventilated, you did not have ice dams, and the shingles are only a few years old, you may have defective shingles. Your roofing contractor probably did not realize the shingles were defective when they installed them. The shingle manufacturer often does not realize this until homeowners start seeing the shingles curl after they've been on their home for a few years. Contact your roofing company to see if there was a recall on your shingles. If there was, they may replace them free of charge.

For other questions about the condition of your shingles, talk with a local roofer today.


16 May 2017

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