Patching A Crack In A Foam Rooftop


If your home or small business has a rooftop made of foam, you most likely enjoy the benefit of having a well-insulated structure, helping you to retain heat and air conditioning and thereby saving you money as a result. If a crack becomes present within your foam roof, it will need to be patched so air does not escape to the outdoors. Here are some steps you can follow when making a repair to your foam roof on your own.

Get The Right Materials

It is important to note the type of foam your rooftop is made from before you do a repair job. Foam is made from acrylic, silicone, or urethane. If you do not use the same type of foam to do the repair, it will not adhere properly. You will also need to purchase a foam crack sealant and a putty knife to effectively make your repair.

Clean Your Roof 

Your roof should be totally cleaned off before you make your repair. This will allow you to do an evaluation of the condition of the remainder of the roof so you can do additional patching if necessary. Use a foam roof cleaner, and apply it with a non-abrasive sponge or mop. Hose down the roof to remove the cleaner in its entirety. Allow your roof to dry in the sun before making your repair.

Fill In The Crack

The crack will need to be filled in with the sealant you purchased. This comes in a caulk tube form and can easily be squeezed into the crevice with help from a caulk gun. Use a putty knife to spread any excess across the edges of the crack to help cover the flawed area in its entirety.

Add A Layer Of Foam

The foam you purchased can now be applied over the crack you just filled in. Most people will apply a new coat to the entire rooftop rather than try to blend in the new foam with the old, as it may be visible to the eye. Use a roller to apply the foam over the roof from one side to the other, taking care not to walk back over the foam you already placed on the structure in the process. It is best to apply this foam at a time when there is no inclement weather expected for several days so it has a chance to harden into place.

If you'd rather have a professional handle any repairs to your roof, contact a company like Columbia Roofing Inc.


10 May 2017

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