What To Do If You Have Defective Roofing Shingles


A new roof is expected to last many years, which is why it can be disconcerting to find out your roofing shingles may be flawed. For example, the Atlas Chalet shingle was discontinued due to defective construction, but many homeowners still have these shingles on their roof. Before rushing out for a replacement, read through the following guide to find out what you should do.

Schedule regular roof inspections

Damage and leaking are the main concerns with defective shingles. An annual spring inspection can help you catch damage early, before it extends beyond the shingle. Although you could do this inspection yourself, it's best for the shingles (and your safety) that you don't climb around on the roof. Instead, hire a roofer to inspect for curling, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles. You should also do a quick inspection for visible damage from the ground after any storm or major wind event.

Minimize damage

Minimizing damage should be next on your list of things to do, especially if there is no formal recall on the shingles and they aren't currently damaged. This is because you are stuck with them until you decide to do a full replacement. To this end, stay off your roof. If you put up holiday lights, attach them to the gutters and not to the shingle edges. Also, trim back trees so the branches aren't scraping on the roof or dropping onto the shingles.

Call in on your warranty

If damage is found that appears to come from shingle failure and not normal storm damage, then it's time to check the warranty on the shingles. Generally, the manufacturer offers the warranty, not the roofing company. You will need to contact the manufacturer to request a claim packet. Once you receive this, fill it out promptly and include any evidence, such as photographs of the failure and a copy of the inspection report. Keep in mind that there are many strictures that must often be met on a warranty claim. For example, your roofers may need to be certified with the manufacturer, so you will need to know the name of the roofing company that installed your shingles.

File a claim

Fortunately, most shingles do fail after a storm, which means the replacement can be covered by your insurance. The problem with this is that a large percentage of the shingles must fail in order to qualify for a full roof replacement, otherwise the insurance company may only cover the portion that is damaged. Why is this a problem? Because when the defective shingles are discontinued you won't be able to find an exact match, which means you will have to pay out of pocket to cover the remainder of the roof replacement. This is the primary reason to look into a warranty replacement first.

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25 April 2017

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