3 Examples Of Eco-Friendly Roofs To Discuss With Your Contractor


If your roof is old and repairing its issues seems like a full-time job, it may be time to invest in a new roof. However, before you choose to have the old asphalt replaced by new asphalt, you might want to consider one of the more eco-friendly roofing options currently on the market. Therefore, the following facts should be quite useful.   

#1-Consider A White Roof

During the hours that you have spent on your roof in recent months, you probably noticed how hot it could get. While one culprit is obviously going to be the heat of the day, another contributing factor may have been the roof itself. The majority of roofs contain dark or black materials. That dark color can absorb the heat, and the heat might then enter your home. 

As a result, a cool roof is an option to consider, since it is a regular roof that contains light-colored or white materials, which permit the sunlight to be bounced away from the roof. When the roof isn't as hot as it used to be, the air conditioner within the home can often be used less, since the home itself will then be cooler. For maximizing your eco-friendly decisions, try to find a roofing material that is made of recycled materials such as those discussed below.      

#2-Choose A Roof Made Of Recycled Materials

It's a good idea to remember that environmentally responsible roofing options can present in different materials. For instance, it can be made of primarily of recycled materials, like the rubber roof that used to be old tires and can be obtained in white to become a cool roof. 

In addition, it could also be made from old metal that was recycled before it made it way to the dump. Wood shingles, if sourced from a sustainable forest or made from recycled wood, can also be a good choice. 

#3-Verify What Portion Of Each Material Is Made From Recycled Material

If you are basing part or most of your decision about your new roof on the fact that they all contain recycled materials, you should verify how much of it was recycled before committing to a decision. Each product can vary from one manufacturer to the next, so if you don't see it on the packaging, speak with your contractor. 

In conclusion, when you are ready for your home to have a new roof and you would like it to be as environmentally responsible as possible, you should be aware of the information stated above. Contact a contractor, like Trinity Contracting & Construction, for more help.


25 April 2017

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